We package each CD or Vinyl with care in specific CD/Vinyl Mailers and/or Bubble Padded Mailers to ensure that they arrive in original condition to each customer. Unfortunately, once the package has left our warehouse and is under the care of the Postal Service we cannot guarantee its treatment. 

We apologize and sympathize with anyone who receives such damaged package. Most commonly affected are international orders that spend an extended period of time in transit making their way from the Midwest of the USA to remote parts of the world. If you should receive a damaged CD Case, we would be happy to evaluate a refund or store credit equal to the value of a new CD Case equalling roughly $1.00. 

For Vinyl Sleeves, we understand these are not simply something you can swap out and we do not have empty vinyl sleeves available, so in such event we'll offer a full refund of the shipping cost. Simply send us a ticket explaining the damage along with a photo of the case and we'll be happy to assist.

If you added Guide Shipping Protection at checkout, File your claim here: https://www.guideprotection.com/protectit/guidepro/ 

For items that have been damaged in transit, Guide requires claims to be filed within 15 days from the date that you received your package.